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My name is Cindy Lumpkin. I am an empty nest homeschool mom, grandma, art lover, and teacher. I love sharing my passion for Art, Literature and Writing. I teach live online classes that foster engagement, creative expression and confidence. ​I love helping students find things they are good at and get better at things that challenge them.

I have been teaching children in both formal and informal settings for over 30 years as a homeschool mom, substitute teacher, Girl Scout leader, and camp/program director.  My classes are fun and engaging and allow students to interact and share ideas with their peers. All classes are taught with a Christian world view, but everyone is encouraged to maintain their own beliefs. I do not preach or force anyone to conform to my beliefs. 

I live in North Central Indiana with my little dog and my husband. When I am not planning or teaching classes I like hanging out with my grandchildren, playing with my dog, creating mixed media art and making quilts.


I teach semester long (11-13 weeks) and year long (22-26 weeks) homeschool classes in Literature, Writing, and Art. The classes offered each semester and the days and times they are offered change from year to year.

All classes are live virtual classes and require that students have a computer or tablet (computer is recommended for literature and writing classes) adequate internet, a webcam and microphone. All students are expected to have camera on and to participate in each live class.

Each class includes 3-4 grade levels and is specially designed with activities and assignments chosen for that age range. Classes are divided into Elementary (grades 3-5) Middle School (grades 6-8) and High School (grades 9-12). There is some flexibility for students to take a class designed for a younger grade if their parents feel it is a better fit for their student, but t
he family would need to discuss this with me at the time of registration. 

All High School classes are graded and meet requirements for High School credit. A grade card with complete class description, dates, and the grade the student earned will be sent to parents at the end of each semester. Middle School Literature and Writing classes are also graded, but Art classes are not. None of the Elementary classes are graded.

What Parents Are Saying

Rachel, IN

“Both my children and I have loved being in classes with Mrs. Lumpkin. She encourages learning and is very helpful when there are questions. We look forward to future classes!”

Emily R, IN

"My kids all love Mrs. Lumpkin's classes. They have learned so much through the interactive art lessons, fun games, challenging homework, class time, and assignments. Her classes are a great way to meet new people and learn new things. Mrs. Lumpkin is a good teacher and goes out of her way to help students learn and understand. I would recommend her classes to anyone.

Addie, WA

“Cindy is a wonderfully engaging teacher who really cares for her students and offers a flexible addition to the homeschooling of my 5 children. She competently teaches a variety of subjects, ages, and abilities."

Emily P, IN

“Thank you Mrs. Lumpkin for providing my homeschooled girls with great opportunities to interact with others as well as work for a teacher other than me. We appreciate all your time and patient teaching."

Rebecca, IN

"I have 2 boys that are very active and have a hard time sitting still. Mrs. Lumpkin was patient and understanding. She did a good job keeping the class engaged and focused by asking questions, discussions, and assignments."

April, AK

“My daughter absolutely loved this class! The teacher is good with the kids. I highly recommend Cindy's Class!"
A child taking an online class

What Students Are Saying

A 14 year old
"Thank you so much for teaching Miss Cindy! Your classes are great!"
A 9 year old
"I really loved Art class! Thank you for a great year!"
An 11 year old
"5 out of 5 stars because the class was fun and I learned a lot."
A 17 year old
“I loved this class! I would give it 5 out of 5 stars. What I appreciated was that even when we were frustrated with our work, the teacher always encouraged us to think about how we could do it better next time."
A 15 year old
“If you are looking to learn some new art skills and techniques in an enjoyable and accepting class then Cindy Lumpkin's art classes would be perfect for you. 5/5 stars.”
An 8 year old
"5 out of 5 stars. I really liked the class with Miss Cindy. It was fun and I learned a buch of stuff about the books we read."

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